Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Lovely Shower

I love baby showers; I love bridal showers. I love getting together with girlfriends to eat cute and yummy food. I especially love giving showers. I gave a baby shower for a friend just recently, and because of the proximity to Valentine's Day, we decided to let that be our theme.
This is our buffet line. We had sandwiches, salads, fruit, desserts, and punch. The punch was fabulous. A friend made it from raspberries, grapefruit soda, raspberry Crystal Light, cranberry juice concentrate, and pineapple juice.
Chocolate dipped strawberries are always fun, and both chocolate and strawberries seem popular around Valentine's Day. We did tea sandwiches in three different varieties: egg salad, cucumber and herbed cheese, and BLT chopped salad. Each sandwich was on a different kind of bread, and we used a cookie cutter to make them heart-shaped. Cute!
One of our desserts were strawberry tartlets. I used heart-shaped pans to make them even more cute, but anything dainty and a little different is always a good idea for a shower.
Our second dessert were these chocolate heart cookies. They're just a basic butter cookie with cocoa powder, dipped in white chocolate, and drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate. So easy and so pretty.


Amber said...

That looks beautiful! What a cute shower theme. And I am definitely trying that punch the next time I need a yummy drink for a party.

Maren said...

MMM, those looks so tasty! You are amazing with all the different choices. You can throw my a shower any time.