Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Easter Baby Shower

I know, I know; another baby shower. It has been the season. We hosted this one the day before Easter, so that seemed like a fitting theme. We decided to use purple instead of pink this time, purely based on the fact that the store was out of pink plates. Even still, it was nice to switch up the colors a little bit. Our main course was ham and cheese sandwiches on fresh, homemade rolls. If you want the roll recipe, it's my mother-in-laws, and it is a fabulous recipe.For side dishes, we had a veggie tray, pasta salad, and deviled eggs. Yum!And for dessert, we served fruit pizza and little brownie bites made into edible Easter baskets. Too bad the licorice was so soft; the basket handles just kept falling over.


Michelle M said...

I SERIOUSLY write down ideas after I read your blog. I'm hosting a baby shower next weekend.

Maren said...

mmmm, that food looks so good right now. and beautiful at the same time.