Thursday, December 17, 2009

A party is a party, but a Christmas Party....

I just recently hosted a Christmas party and was asked by my mother to share some pictures. It was a yummy buffet of hors d'ouvres and desserts, so what could be better? The pictures don't really do it justice, so as to the menu:

Hors d'ouvres
Little smokies in barbecue sauce
Meatballs in a sweet and savory sauce
Homemade dinner rolls
Cheeseball and crackers
Jalapeno poppers
Artichoke dip and crackers
Crudites with ranch and onion dips
Christmas punch with cranberry juice, lemon juice, orange juice, and ginger ale

Peppermint pinwheel cookies
Eggnog snickerdoodles
Peppermint fudge
Walnut fudge
English toffee with almonds
Chocolate pecan turtles

As always, it was a lot of work, and I even vowed that I would just get everything from Costco with all the business going on. In the end, the only things that were ready-made were the jalapeno poppers and the meats that I still made sauces for. Oh, and I guess the tangerines, too. We definitely had plenty of rich, yummy food, and it was a delightful party with lots of dear friends.


alanna said...

I LOVE the title of your post! It made me laugh really hard. He's so creepy in the movie.

Great job on the party. I'm impressed. Two kids, new house, and all you have going on! Wow.

Cute Christmas cards too! Thanks for ours. It's great to hear the update on your family too.

Miss you guys. :)

Cookie Dough said...

I was seriously going to challenge you in my post to name that movie. You and Emily were the ones I thought would get it. Way to go!

I bet you're so happy to be "settling down" and opening your own practice. So exciting.

Kel said...

good work! I miss your cooking.

I loved the post title too, very clever.

Robnz Fam said...

Thank you for the Christmas card Ashley! And THANK YOU for the amazing food at that party. It was so yummy...I WILL cook like you someday. :0)